The following guide shows the steps to install ZChat, an on-premise live chat software. If you haven't downloaded the software, please download it from here. The following instructions assume that you're deploying ZChat to your own domain at

1. Copy ZChat to your application directory

Unzip the install zip to a new folder where you want the site to be hosted from (eg C:\inetpub\ZChatWebSite).

2. Configure the Web Site in IIS

Open up IIS Manager, select the Default Web Site (under Sites) and click the Stop button. Now, right click on Sites and select Add Website...

Provide a site name and the folder you want the site to be hosted from.

3. Configure the Database

Create a blank database for ZChat on your SQL server. The Microsoft SQL Server 2005 Express Edition provided free of charge by Microsoft can be used.

4. Run ZChat Installer

Run ZChat installer script by accessing the URL ( in a web browser.

5. Delete "install" folder.

Delete the "install" folder after installation completed.

6. Login ZChat Dashboard

Login ZChat Dashboard by accessing the URL ( so you can add agent accounts, departments and customize ZChat. Also follow deployment instruction to add chat code across all your websites.

7. Login ZChat Web Console

Login ZChat Web Console by accessing the URL ( so you can start chatting with site visitors instantly.

Click the demo page link and test the visitor list.

You should see a chat button in the demo page.

8. Start the first chat

You can click start chat button in the visitor page. In web console, you should receive a sound notification. Click accept button. Then you start the first chat.

9. Add ZChat code to your web sites

Login ZChat Dashboard then go to deployment page. Copy chat code to the bottom of your web pages. Login ZChat Dashboard

10. Install ZChat Desktop Agent Console

The ZChat Desktop Agent Console (ZChatAgentConsoleSetup.msi) should be installed on all agent's machines. Desktop Agent Console has more functions and doesn't live in a web browser.

11. Login Agent Console as an agent.

When you initially open the program you will see the screen below:

  • Server Name: The Url of your website which Zchat is installed.
  • User name: The agent user name.
  • Password: The agent password.
  • Remember password: Check this box, if you want to save this password for next login.

That's all there is to it!

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ZChat Enterprise offers an on-premises Live Chat Solution. Protect customer data and other proprietary information by ensuring it never leaves your data-center.

Need on-premise live solution?

Zchat runs completely self-contained on your own server. This server can be located on your own premises – behind your own corporate firewall, or you can use an ISP provided dedicated server. You can also use a cloud-based virtual server in the Microsoft Azure or Amazon Cloud services.

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Need Cloud Live Chat?

The worry-free way to host, manage & scale.

ZChat is offered as a deployable product, that you can install and manage on your own server. If, however, you favour a hosted chat solution and wish to take advantage of a cloud-based live chat, then we invite you to consider MyLiveChat.

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