Install ZChat API Demo

ZChat API Demo is a simple Web API application. It demonstrates the powerful capabilities of ZChat API.

The following guide assumes that you're deploying ZChat Web Site at and API Demo Site at

1. Copy API Demo to your application directory

Unzip the install zip to a new folder where you want the site to be hosted from (eg C:\inetpub\APITestWeb).

2. Configure the Web Site in IIS

Open up IIS Manager, select the Default Web Site (under Sites) and click the Stop button. Now, right click on Sites and select Add Website...

Provide a site name and the folder you want the site to be hosted from.

3. Modify ZChat Web site web.config to register ChatApiNotificationUrl and ChatApiKey

ChatApiKey is used to create a secure connection between ZChat Web Site( and API Demo(

Please open web.config of ZChat Web Site( and register event Notification URL( ZChat Web Site( sends the message to the listener specified in the notification URL.

4. Modify API Demo web.config to register ChatApiServiceUrl and ChatApiKey

ChatApiKey in API Demo web.config must be same as ChatApiKey in ZChat Web site web.config.

Please open web.config of ZChat API Demo( and register event service URL(

5. You are all set!

If you installed the API Demo correctly, you will see the following screen that lets you know you're good to go.

6. Check API Demo site App_Date folder

The event notifications occur in ZChat Web site are saved into the log files. You can analyze API demo project to be familiar with ZChat API.


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